Student Wellness Program

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What Is SWP

Student Wellness Program

Being a student can sometimes be difficult. Balancing the demands of school, family, and work can be overwhelming at times. Managing even small life events can be more challenging when our time and energy is heavily committed.

As a result, students frequently experience significant amounts of stress during their professional education. Extra support and coping skills can be helpful in these situations.

Dr. Sola Olowookere

CMO Greyinsights

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How Does SWP Work?

How does Grey Insight – Student Wellness Program (SWP) Work?

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Individuals sign up securely on our website or call our TOLL FREE NUMBER



We would assign the appropriate member of our multi disciplinary team to provide you with the appropriate intervention.


Individuals attend individual or group therapy sessions virtually.


We send users a Baseline assessment ahead of their first session, to measure mental wellbeing.

33% of college students felt so depressed in the last 12 months that it was difficult to function.


80% of Nigerians requiring mental health services are unable to access the care they need

Why Choose Us


To focus on the people we serve, strive for excellence in service delivery, evaluation and relentlessly improve. We will serve our clients with empathy and compassion showing integrity, respect and dignity in our dealings with our clients.

Eligibility & Cost

Services are offered to all active, forcredit students of the School of Education. Student eligibility is confirmed by checking the school’s eligibility directory. There is no cost to students for using the program, and there is no limit on the number of times you may access services.

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What Does SWP Offer?

What Does Grey Insights – Student Wellness Program (SWP) Offer?


Mental Health Counselling and assistance with problems of daily living


Referral to appropriate and accessible services and resources.

Advocacy & Response

Advocacy and Critical Incident Response

Identification & Assessment

Identification and assessment of mental health problems

Passionate About Mental Health

Your Trusted Mental Health Experts

We have tailored tests and expert advice relating to you and your team’s mental health. Reach out today!

Our Clients Have Good Things To Say About Us

We welcome honest feedback regarding our services and some of our clients have these to say about our service.

Living with a mental illness can be extremely isolating and lonely. The relationship is two-way: others may not reach out as you have been understandably distant due to feeling unwell, and you may not contact others for the same reasons. It’s a vicious cycle. Grey Insights understands this and the assistance is overwhelming.

    Wale Kadiri
    Wale Kadiri

    Yandex Inc.

    When I figured out something was wrong it was too late. It consumed me. I was so close to going through with it until someone from Grey Insights rang and snapped me out of the way I was feeling. At the time I thought I had no one, no family or friends. I felt like I couldn’t speak to anyone about my mental health.

      Ngozi Allen
      Ngozi Allen

      Prime Entertainment Ltd.

      I am not good enough. I am not worthy of love. I am not smart enough. I am not successful enough. I am not slim enough. I am not pretty enough. I am one of the 1 in 4 people who suffer from mental illness. Been working with Grey Insights and now I could feel the difference between now and when I had no one to talk to about these emotions.

        Tunde Elias
        Tunde Elias

        TuneCK Corp

        I lost a close friend to suicide. I’d heard about the high suicide rates amongst men which made me think “why is there no help for men to talk about their mental health” - because at the time I didn’t know how or where to get help from. It was amazing how quickly my diagnosis was reversed and with help from Grey Insights, I'm back to work and having healthy conversations about mental and emotional well-being.

          Yomi Ali
          Yomi Ali

          Tudor Inc.

          Grey Insights has been literally a game changer for our mental health system. They have become the number one provider of better mental health solution and it is commendable.

            Seun Olokode
            Seun Olokode

            Eko RoundCity

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