Psychosocial support on returning to work

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As countries, states and local government areas gradually ease the lock down, it is pivotal that we prepare for the new life beyond COVID-19. Employers will have to make decisions on how to redesign work spaces to prioritize workers health and safety.

Significantly, organizations should consider incorporating into their plans a structure that provides emotional and mental well-being support for employees who are expected to face new concerns, stressors and demands brought on by a return to the office. Phasing workers back into the office may create new uncertainties about personal safety and how to adapt to new routines.

We are here to seamlessly ease the return of your workforce into the workplace and foster optimism in the office environment.

At Grey Insights, we are delivering a comprehensive series of Psychosocial support virtually and onsite (strictly adhering to social distancing guidelines). We are equipped to provide bespoke and specialized intervention plans for your organization through the following:

  • Webinars in small groups
  • Therapy sessions (via a bespoke individual pathway)
  • Family Therapy

Our Client Liaison officers are waiting, book your appointments / sessions now by calling our hotlines:

09087580003 / 09087580004

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